Photos/videos from recent rides

I’ve uploaded shots and short videos from a couple of recent rides.

The first is from 1/22, a ride in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland with a few East Bay riders, plus Trevor from Mountain View. Bobby, who is eight years old, was on his first-ever MUni ride and the first ride on his new funky uni. This was a beautiful day with incredible views; the trails were muddy but totally rideable. David scored best biff of the day, when he came off the last railroad tie drop on Cinderella, got his foot knocked off his pedal and taken out from under him, landing on his butt. Other than that, mostly uneventful.

The second is from yesterday, a ride down in Santa Cruz on the Mailboxes trail, with a bunch of guys from Santa Cruz, me and Chris from Oakland, and a contingent from the Sacramento area. It was another beautiful day. One of the trails we had intended to do was closed, but we did the rest of the Mailboxes ride, which features a number of things to play on and a couple of really steep technical sections. The conditions varied from totally rideable to mud so slippery you couldn’t even walk on it. (Riding it was more fun anyway!)

Joaquin Miller


thx for posting pics, 8 yrs old and rippin, nice. I really like seeing green!

sweet, cool pictures tom! hopefully nick will get some videos up sometime soon of us. i crashed… a lot! my knee was really swollen and i limped around for the next 2 days!

This is a really beautiful log! Nice pics.