Photos of Woodford Folk Festival '04/'05 shirts...

I just picked up our shirts from the screen printer. We’ll be wearing these as a team at the Woodfordf Folk Festival over the new year. You can read about our experiences from last year here - .

Unfortunately the colour ran quite a bit…we really should have washed them before having them printed. Now they’re light blue on navy blue instead of white on navy :). I also had a black shirt done for myself which luckily didn’t turn out too bad at all. The white on that one isn’t qutie as striking as I originally wanted but I quite like it as it is.


woodford shirts - black on me.jpg

…the design for the back.

woodford shirts - black back.jpg

DUDE. Those are the sweetest T-Shirts I’ve ever seen!!


This applies to everyone…feel free to copy the designs for your own shirts if you’ve somehow got access to a screen printer. If you want I can send you the higher res versions of the designs…not that I’m expecting anyone to have a screen printer lying around at home. :slight_smile:


what are u talking about?

kewl shirts
have u got some ‘generic’ AUS one as well?

What’s the thing in the bottom right corner of the front of the shirt (next to your right hand when wearing it)?

the rock the dude just jumped from?

Ahhhh! Maybe it is.

I could not figure that out. :astonished:

Yes that’s a rock.

For a couple of the shirts (mine and Nathan’s personal ones that aren’t for Woodford) we had some of the text blocked out as can be seen on the black shirt I’m wearing.


don’t be surprised if one or two people were to ask u what the dude on the snowboard is doing in the pic on the left

i just caught myself thinking that:o

(gild slinks off to go say 10 flail-marys)

That’s a long snowboard!

am i going to say this…?

yeah, why not? after all, it’s Xmas!!

andrew, it’s not the length of the snowboard that’s important…

It’s the size of the round thing that matters :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool shirts Andrew! Merry X’mas