Photos of UPD's

How to land with style, club night adventure, no unicyclist was injured.

This is what can happen when you try a unicycle drop using worn down plastic pedals…WITHOUT steel traction pins! :astonished:

I had forgotten to switch back to my drilliums after doing some other filming that required the plastic pedals. These are not the same as on my Oregon, which do have steel pins.

No Geezers were hurt during the making of this video!

how about this.

Here are some from the old Things Not To Do page:

I’m sure I have lots of more recent ones, but I’m not able to search them now…

Sepia colour of unispin going wrong


Not so much of a picture but a clip. I’m now finally over the soreness that UPD/wipeout caused.

I’ve got a video too. Managed to go far too fast down a steep slope, and ended up in a pile of mud. Didn’t hurt though, surprisingly… :smiley:

Since still shots don’t tell the whole story, here’s a very fast paced compilation of bails, with the very last still my all time favorite. Btw, in the first bail doing 36er trials, you’ll notice the my foot almost gets caught in a sandwich board as I fall! I got it out just in time, otherwise my ankle would have been snapped clean! :stuck_out_tongue:

i love watching your videos terry i dint think you fell off i liked the last one when you go in the water how do you pluck up the balls to have another go :astonished:

Terry, that last one was sweet!

I don’t have pics, but, last week I went out for a ride, it was really wet and muddy, I rode up to a wooden foot bridge, not thinking that wet wood is slippery, hit the edge and went sideways, landed right in a huge mud puddle at the base of the bridge :roll_eyes:

So is it true hat if no one sees it, then it didn’t happen?

Thanks Rob. Oh yes, I’ve had my share of bails, as many of us have. It’s just that not all are captured on video for the world to see haha! This compilation is a few years old now, and since then I haven’t had a lot of bad bails, thankfully. :slight_smile: I learned the importance of fully committing yourself to whatever technical line, drop, trick, etc, and also having the optimum tire pressure.

Too bad you didn’t get that on tape! Of course, there are countless awesome bails that are never filmed since they happen usually when you don’t expect them. It’s not like you can go back and ‘recreate’ it for the camera, or would want to!

I’m sure KH and many of the best riders have had their share of bad bails. Speaking of Kris, most of us remember hearing about his terrible injury not that long ago, which required surgery. Happens to the best, happens to the rest! :o

Yeah, my bails are less spectacular now than a couple years ago, seems like I’ve gotten better at sudden dismounts, I use the handle and pedals to “punch out” and avoid landing poorly. I also don’t ride the uni into the ground, so I’m having fewer ground falls; ground falls onto roots have led to seven or so finger fractures :smiley:

If I get my son to go riding, then we might have some carnage shots…

This is definitely the best bail I’ve ever had:

my favourite UPD photo.

^Full of win right there! The unicycle looks like it chucked its rider off of it and is ready to take off without him, laughing as it takes off.

Watching that wipeout compilation, it’s kind of funny watching how some of the bails look quite embarrassing/ridiculous, like they shouldn’t have happened…much like my wipeout clip.

Stills and video work fine for me…while video tells the whole story, stills capture that funny/impossible moment.

I’ll look at that for the whole next month :slight_smile:

I am riding tomorrow with my gopro mounted on a bike to fallow me and i plan on riding hard. lots of good UPD shots soon!

Your bike is going to be ridden by a ghost?!?!?!:o:O

why yes it is :smiley:

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this is from a few months ago apparently doesn’t want to display pictures of ghosts :slight_smile: