Photos of my 700c

By popular request, on other threads, prob’ly from people who think I’m 104, don’t own a unicycle, and make it all up to fool the gullible…

If I can get this upload thing to work, I’ll post a couple of photos of the 28 with the skinny new tyre.

Try again.


And another


spare tube

I notice you tie on a spare tube. If you run that through the frame before you tie it up like that, you can change the tube without taking the wheel off the uni. You just have break one side of the tire loose, remove the old tube and cut it off (or wrap it up similarly), then put the new one in (which is already on the correct side of the frame for quick mounting) and reseat the tire. I’ve always been surprised bikers haven’t done something similar, but they dont. It is a bit less secure on a bike because of the rear axle frame design…but with the tire clearance you have there it would work just fine on yours.


What a slick idea…

Mike, How often do you get flats, if I may ask?

Varies. On my first ever ride on the 28, the tube exploded, blowing the tyre off the rim. It turned out that the tube had been fitted incorrectly, and was about two inches too long, so it was folded in a Z shape!

On another ride, the valve suddenly ripped out causing immediate deflation and a spectactular UPD.

Other than that, I’ve been lucky on the 28.

On the MUni, I went through a phase of having about a dozen punctures - two on one ride, I think. In the end, I changed the tyre and haven’t had one since.

I like the tube through the frame idea. Fiendishly cunning.

Re: spare tube

Neat idea Carey!

I’ve ridden road bikes for many a year and no-one that I came across ever thought of that - It might be to do with the quick release which makes wheel removal a lot easier than on a uni.

I’m not so sure that it would be quite so wise on a muni though - you’d really want to keep all the crud off of the spare, but it could work in the dry.

Mike - as usual your rig and your experience inspires me to go out and ride some more!

Re: spare tube

What a great idea.

Carey, you should post this as a separate thread. You’re name belongs as the tread starter.

Re: spare tube

bad idea…the tube is exposed to all the elements of the road coming up with the tyre also sitting out in the sun, wind and UPD.

exposing a spare tube like that is freaking riduculas if you think about it longer than 5 seconds past “interesting”

Re: Re: spare tube

It wouldn’t be much more exposed than it’s current position. Doesn’t sound that “riduculas” to me…

Also, how much does wind damage a tire? Should I be careful to insulate my tire from air? Damn, what should I fill it with?

Re: Re: spare tube

If you’re worried, you could wrap the spare with an old sock or something.

Kinda gotta side with Jagur on this one.
I’d recommend carrying fix-a-flat (for bikes) . . .
. . . or load the tube with the green “slime” found in many stores.

Dunno about anyone else, but my socks are pretty corrosive. :astonished:

It is true that the grit thrown at the tube might damage it. It is also true that UV in sunlight might damage it.

However, I ride generally for an hour or two at a time, seldom in hot direct sun, and no more than about 50 times a year. (Say two to three times a week in high summer, but tailing off to once a week at each end of the season, and seldom in the winter. Also, my riding is shared between 4 unicycles. Therefore the exposure to UV would be minimal.

Carrying a tube in this way is for convenience, not economy.

Forget the tube issue (it could also go in your hydration pack).
Personally, I don’t know how you put miles on that seat.
I’ve tried and couldn’t get a mile (comfortably)!

A tube in the hydration pack is extra weight on me. A tube on the frame is directly borne by the unicycle.

(An added benefit, I admit, is it adds to the image of “serious distance rider” and hopefully affects the reactions I get form other cyclists.)

As for the seat, I’ve done similar distances on the Viscount. The standard Miyata is reasonably comfortable as long as you sit carefully and arrange all your bits properly. I once tried a rough and ready air seat and found it more trouble than it was worth. I tried a Velo and found the deep padding a problem: my pods kept floating to the surface of the foam. :astonished:

I use slime for MTB, and it’s awesome stuff.

I wonder how big of a deal the extra weight would be on a uni?

Well, in his case, I don’t think it would make much difference.
He’d be removing the tube he has strapped, and adding slime.

Of course, there is a difference in having the weight around the wheel rather than on the frame.
I doubt there would be a detectable difference, because of the low volume of the tube.

Re: Re: Re: spare tube

read my post, do you see the word tire anywhere? I said tube

Re: Re: Re: Re: spare tube


my bad.

I’m with Jagur on the tube being exposed is bad. You got to think also if you do get a little sand peices on it and you go to put it on in and inflate. You will likelly hear it hissing in anger.