Photos of Floyd Beattie

Many of you already know who Floyd Beattie is. He’s a speed and distance unicyclist from the Athens, Ohio area. You can do a google seach using his name and “unicycle” and probably find out that he still holds some speed and distance records from the '80’s.

There is a grad student where I work who is from Athens. She told me about seeing Floyd riding around with his wild hair (I am a pot calling a kettle black here) and outfits when she was a child. She told her parents I was a unicyclist and they talked about the good old days when one could see Floyd riding around their area. When they returned to Athens, the parents spent some time looking Floyd up and, when they finally located him, were surprised that he drove all the way out to their house to meet them and brought


and a short note to me with him. I’m not at all surprised and probably neither are you. We’ve all met lots of unicyclists and we know what they’re like. They’re WAY cool people. The photos are excellent 8x10 black and whites. Anyone interested in higher resolution (I scanned them at 300dpi and made 5Mb files) please let me know and I will gladly e-mail or somehow transfer the big files to you.

Those are some cool photos. Do you know if he is still riding?

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Darren and I use to race with Floyd at the Nationals in the late '80’s. He was a fast rider then and loved his distance riding as well as track racing. I am not sure if he still rides or not. He used to ride with green and flesh toned cycling outfit. From the back you could only see the flesh toned lycra and the long hair. From a distance you had to ask yourself if you where seeing a naked female or not. It was a very eye catching outfit.

From the note he sent me I gathered that he is unable to travel to conventions. I am not sure whether he still rides or not.

What exactly were you looking for, Mike? This scares me. I’ve ridden with you behind me before.

That is one hairy man (check out the pic with his shirt off…)

Hey Greg,

I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I looked at this post. I’ve read, and heard lots about this guy over the years. It is funny how things eventually show up. Good job Greg! He is truly a pioneer of speed and distance unicycling. If there was ever a book written about the history of S&D unicyling, this guy would be the majority of it. One tuff guy!

Tom Miller told me many years ago about the tenacity of this guy. He held the 100 mile distance record before the 6 hour 15 min was posted. He was also known to take off for days and ride 500 plus miles.

Thanks for the post and PLEASE send me a high res pic of him on that big wheel. You have my work email address.


Floyd Beattie…

Wow, this brings back memories of a great guy.

I have lots of pictures of him from the mid 1980’s
I will get them scanned and post them here.

He raced in Bowling Green Ohio in 1986 with toe clips on his pedals ! He was fast, lapped others.

I remember the outfit that made him look naked !

Mike Rocks, John Foss, Dustin Kelm, Andy and Connie Cotter, Ken Fuchs and Sem and Teresa are unicyclists that are still riding these days that come to mind who all rode with him back then.

Tom Miller (The Unicycle Factory) replaced Floyd’s
big wheel rubber often as Floyd rode on gravel roads long distances daily.

Great to hear his name again… a blast from the past!


Re: Photos of Floyd Beattie

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>What exactly were you looking for, Mike? This scares me. I’ve ridden
>with you behind me before.

This coming from the man who let ‘that photo’ in the open.

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Re: Re: Photos of Floyd Beattie

Not ‘that photo’, “THE PHOTO”!!

Floyd Beattie’s track unicycle:

Third one down the page, with the disk wheel. Here’s the caption:

“At left is a disk-wheeled racer, built and ridden by Floyd Beattie of Ohio. Floyd was into aerodynamics and wore a full skinsuit and an aero helmet, but his giant beard kind of canceled it all out. The usefulness of a disk wheel is debatable, due to the natural wobble that occurs when pedaling at high speeds. It also makes the unicycle difficult to ride in a crosswind.”

That picture was taken at UNICON II in 1986. Note also the full toeclips!

Last, notice the person in the background, wearing the yellow shirt. That’s Carol Bricker (Carol Bahorich then), the host of the recently-announced NAUCC 2004 in Salt Lake City. That year she won the women’s artistic title, and possibly also the world racing title!

Floyd Beattie had a previous 100 mile world record, set an “official” top speed record at an IHPVA event at Indianapolis (about 22 mph), and established a modern hour record for unicycles, at something just under 14 miles. Hard-charging accomplishments for the hardware of the day!

Great photos. In that second pic, I’m not sure which would have been more painful…riding barefoot, or juggling with those rock-hard Jugglebug clubs. I learned on those, and still have my first set…today they’re for decoration only. :sunglasses: