Photos of completed Miyata handle fix for two freestyle unis

Hello folks!

This set of photos shows the completed installation of the Bruce Edwards fix for the Miyata handle. I show two unis - one ridden extensively for the past 8 or so months; one that has not been ridden yet. The photos show that despite extensive use and even some large tears in the handle, the fix makes the setup secure and solid.

Abrasions on the bolt head show that it does hit the riding surface, so that either a different solution or an additional aspect to the fix is required to make the solution suitable for indoor use where surface impact is an issue.

Questions are welcome.

Nice work on the seats, U-Turn. Edwards is bound for eternal fame with this fix. Those are excellent photos that you have posted.

In the region inside the handle where the Frankenstein bolts protrude there are exposed ends with sharp threads that one can accidentally touch with ones fingers. On fixes that I have done to Miyata handles (not the Frankenstein version) I have covered these exposed ends with an additional hex nut to protect my fingertips. Cheap, quick, effective.

Thanks for the comments, Greg. Actually my fingers never have minded the bolt ends, otherwise I would have done something about them. If I had, I’d have used plastic flexible bolt end caps instead because they are lighter, softer, and don’t require a specific leftover length. I used them here:

They were only 15 cents each at the hardware store. They can be trimmed with scissors if necessary.

Perhaps for the exposed bolt head/washer, you could use plasti-dip, that liquid plastic you dip tool handles in. Apparently, it’s available in blue, too. :slight_smile:


Re: Photos of completed Miyata handle fix for two freestyle unis

That’s a sweet job. If you’re using it for freestyle, why wouldn’t you just cut
off the handle, yet still have a bumper? I know that’s what a few people do for


Re: Re: Photos of completed Miyata handle fix for two freestyle unis

Thanks, Dylan. Hmmm. Well I know I use the handle a lot, from back mounts to hopping to seat-out skills. I also end up riding a few miles on it, for example from the bus station in NYC to Central Park for Unatics meetings. So I end up going up and down hills regularly. The other thing I think about is the superior shock absorption of the handle; I think that’s one of the reasons that the uni withstands so so many hits. But to tell you the truth, it was always there and so I never really considered removing it. That certainly would remove the restriction associated with fragile floors!


could i be so bold as to ask you if you’d write a small answer to the question
the handle on my miyata seat is cracked, is their any way to repair it?

for me to put in the FAQ