Photos of Bedford stuff

Is there anywhere I can go (online) to see some photos of some bedford stuff. I am really considering getting one, but some photos would be nice. All I could find on there page was prices. They have two different frames on there list, one is a 26" flat crown and the other just says 3"X26". Does the 3" model have flat crowns? Or, how big of a tire can you fit in a 26" flat crown?

I’m sorry, did you say something…I was distracted by your avatar :astonished:

I just posted my brand new Bedford pics in my thread “My very own bedford…”, so feel free to check it out, as im not going to steal your thunder by posting them here…

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oh i have a little gallary of my bedford that i threw onto my website if you wanted to see as well.

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Here are a few links to some Bedford pictures.
These are random pictures, not even close to the amount of items listed or available but check them out anyway.

If you have questions, send a e-mail.


can someone please tell me what his avatar was? :thinking:

hey if everyone posts pictures of the “BedfordBuilt” unicycles they own we might just have enought to put a catalog together for Darren!

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