Photos from UNICON XI

I posted a few photos of UNICON XI in the gallery area.


Nice shots. I particularly like the pairs photos. Why did you label them “You had to be there”? I would LIKE to be there, but those photos speak volumes about the skill and excitement of the riders and the event.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Thank you for the comments about the photo’s. About me labeling the Pair’s photos “You had to be there” … When you can sit there and watch the WORLDS best freestyle unicyclists, I think you may understand why I labeled them that way. Words OR photos do not describe the skill, choreography, athleticism, dedication, art, beauty, etc. of these routines. They truly compare to what you would see in any olympics.

In fact “You had to be there” could describe NAUCC and UNICON XI. Every day was awesome.

Dennis Banning
Snoqualmie, WA

I’m working on getting my pictures from UNICON up. I don’t have too many - and I don’t have my parade pictures up yet, so you have to check back. They’re not in the gallery, they’re here: