Photos from Sunday's ride

Last Sunday I went riding with KcTheAcy and uniMcPete, and shot over 350 pictures (because I’m not as uni-talented as them). When I go riding with others, I try to shoot as many pictures as possible.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:
KcTheAcy pedal grabbing a trash can

The whole sequence can be found here

I also liked this gliding photo:

Bryan had some nice BC action as well:

I also compiled my first sequence (it’s a little OOF):

More photos of the day can be found on my person gallery at

Thought I’d share. Criticism is welcome!

nice shots, what kind of camera do you shoot with?

i just bought my Nikon d70 finally. its so amazing. now im just saving up to buy some more lenses.

I shoot with a Canon Rebel XT with the 70-200mm F/4 L. I only have the kit lens aside from the telephoto, but hopefully when I begin work again this summer, I’ll have money enough for some other lenses (fisheye would be sweet). Getting the camera body is the first, and very important, step. After that, plan on dumping a lot of money into it, if you get into it.

Those are great pictures… I like the one of Bryan bailing. :slight_smile:

Kaycee and Bryan are fun to ride with…

Bryan had some great bails/crashes.

Do it Bryan, Do it!

I like this one too. Fly Bryan Fly! :slight_smile:

haha that ones great…//
l l
its going on my desnk top :wink:

Ha, looks like fun. Bryan, your feet are supposed to stay on the bc:) Did you ever clear that fence? (With the bc? you obviously flew over it a few times;))
How high was that fence? 30"?

Nice photos! You can really see the cool spirit there.

Do you have higher resolution versions, Kyle?

anyone ever thought of trying kitesailing with a BC?
the bringing up of flying made me think it up.

All of those pictures are really good! Looks like you had fun.

That would be great, just have to buy one of those kites, like they use for wakeboarding and mountain boarding. then just get on a bc wheel, may need to strap your feet on so when you catch air and are up about 20feet, the wheel doesn’t fall done and smack a car or something lol

I love the muni one, and how the photos generally have the rider in focus and the background a little blurred. I’ve always wondered, is there a name for that technique?


Depht of field…
It’s not really a technique, it’s an optical property.
The longer your lens, the wider your aperture, the least DOF.
I googled up a definition for you
“Depth of field is the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus in a photograph”

edit: It is harder to achieve a shallow DOF on a video camera/tiny digital still camera because of the size of the sensor. Those who use digital SLRs and photo camera can pretty quickly sense the absence of DOF, whereas when you shoot outdoors it is very difficult to have anything out of focus on a mini DV.

If you want that effect on a mini DV, buy an ND 1.2 filter, and a polarizer, set your zoom to 20mm or more, get a tripod cause otherwise it will be shaky w/ such a long lens.

Yes, I have all of these images in 2304x3456. If you’re interested, I could make some of them available.

Thanks for all the comments!

I gave it a go a couple years ago but gliding on my uni ( i didnt/dont have a bc). Here are a couple shots:

I don’t want to give away much more because someday i would like to make a vid out of it and save the surprise for then. I hope i ever get around to it. :astonished:

Bryan creared the fence once, but didn’t land it…
I’m not sure if Kyle got pictures of that one

Awesome, my freind shoots with that same set up. Yea, the d70 wasn’t cheap to begin with…but buying glass for it is killing me. It seems that somehow i can never find anything inexpensive that intrests me haha.

the stitched photo of the two cars and all of us with the whole slew of unis came out awesome… it’s in kyle’s gallery.