Photos from my drive across the States (with a coker)

I recently got back from my trip across the States and a little bit of Canada and I took some pretty cool photos. There are a bunch that have my coker and me and the places I went. I guess the main photos that are unicycling related are my rides in Colorado at the Garden of the Gods and my ride with Aspen Mike at Colorado National Monument. As well as my San Francisco unicycling trip and my Seattle excursion. There are a lot of hiking photos mixed in as well though, so sorry about that.

Take a look at the photos:

I managed to make it down Lombard St. in San Francisco on my coker with 125s and no brakes…it hurt my knees though! Also, the Seattle ride features John Childs in a photo next to the Troll statue!

I took a quick look, so so so many non-unicycle pics but hey they’re cool, I like some of the pics you got of yellowstone park (some awesome views).

I Saw one pic of your coker though, very nice m8 (so wish I had one)!

To make this easier, to those who want to see the uni ones…and to make this more appropriate for RSU:

garden of the gods:

colorado national monument:

san fran

my uncle and me unicycling:

Seattle: (john childs)

Some amazing views :slight_smile:

What’s with this pose you and others are doing in some of the photos?

It is a goofy pose of victory.

sort of like my own version of some pose that Arnold Schwartzeneger did.

Sort of like my own version of some pose that Arnold Schwartzeneger did in something.

They are lovely photos. I enjoyed the uni and non uni ones. Looks like you had a great time.

it does look like fun!! Was it very expensive?
i want to go on a road trip…i cant imagine how many places me and my friends would get kicked out of for unicycling though…

siafirede did you made a post on this forum before leaving ? I don’t read it all the time , but I could be intrested on a ride like this one. I couldn’t made it anyway…

Yiargh, I want to ride coker more, that’s all !!! your photos are very nice !

Yeah, I posted a thread about it before leaving here:

I recommend the trip for anyone thinking about it. Driving across the States is really fun…and if you get a couple people to go with you it will make the costs go down a lot! I ended up camping most nights…even in the snow. Some nights…to avoid paying for a motel, my friend and I would just go into the woods somewhere with our sleeping bags and just lie down.

The things to bring in order to sustain yourself from a car knowing you will be camping most of the time:

-a camping stove (I brought a coleman two burner)
-a lantern (once the sun goes down…it can get boring without any light…and a lot of national parks/campsites dont allow fire, or if they do they make you pay for firewood b/c you cant gather wood at the site)
-a WARM sleeping bag…it got really cold some nights in Colorado and Utah.
-a sleeping pad is also a must!
-a 5 gallon jug of water for cooking and drinking
-a lot of dry food and food that wont spoil (we didnt use a cooler)
-a good backpack if you plan on doing backcountry camping…national parks have designated campsites which cost money…and backcountry campsites/areas that are either free or a couple dollars (vs the 10-20 you would pay for a designated car camping spot).

with all of that…you can live pretty cheaply out of your car for quite a long time. The biggest expense was gas (obviously), and if you eat and sleep smart you can be gone for a month and a half to two months like we were on a low budget.

Also…don’t forget to shove your coker in the backseat so you can travel once you arrive to cities or areas that will be fun to cycle in!