Photos from Monrovia

Hi to Fellow Unicyclists

Monrovia was the first unicycle convention I ever attended and I really had a
great time!

I took over 200 photos of all of the amazing things I saw!

I have selected about 30 of some of the better photos (plus a couple just
because they have me in them!)

A few of the photos are a bit large for the screen, but the rest should be
proportioned OK.

I have put them on my ftp site for viewing. Sorry… No descriptions, just
raw images!

The site is at:

(Sorry! I left this out of the previous posting!)

If someone wants to put some of them on the Unicycling Web site, please do so!

Also… Connie… If you would like me to mail some of the orginals to you for
“On One Wheel” please let me know.

Hope you enjoy them!

Best wishes, Robert Bernstein Santa Barbara, CA