Photos from Monday's Ride - AND a video

Back at it again, more photos, and now even a video. We went riding at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, ME.

I wasn’t quite as pleased with these as I have been before, but I thought I’d share anyway. You can find more here . I haven’t done any adjustments except export from RAW to these images… though looking back they could use a little work.

AND, a video of the day can be found here.

bryan how many pairs of six six ones do you go through bc’ing

those pictures were pretty cool

That’s cool. It looks like fun.

Those pics are awsome…And that video was pretty kickin too. Which camcorder did you use for the movie?

Sweet riding guys!

What uni is the green one? Is it an old KH painted up?

I got excited when I first read your thread as I thought it was gonna be Fort William downhill bike track here in Scotland! But of course it wasn’t!

That’s the first off-road BC-Wheeling I’ve seen yet! Go You!!!


This is my second pair, but its already got a big hole on the side.

Haha, naw, Evan is all over the mountain BCing, hes making one with a disc brake.

Thanks. I spent little to no time on either the photos or the video… I have a Canon ZR50mc. I reduced the quality by a lot so it would be small enough for download, but it’s really much better.

that’s probably one of my favorite songs. i’m definitely going to have to ride there sometime this summer

oh, and of course, excellent riding:D

Well I saw you first so take the credit! :slight_smile:

That is just gay and will never come to anything.


Billy Joel is great… And Fort Williams is a great place to uni – and fly a kite.