Photos from China 2000

I just found a bunch of photos from my trip to China for Unicon 10, I thoght some of you might be interested. Sorry they are so big.


Man’s face make mongo laff:

Boom threadshot. Man China looks awesome! Tho I have been to China, I never made it this far up the country. Unicon 2014?

Sheesh everyone had a miyata saddle back then.


What were we supposed to use, Pashleys? I keep telling you guys you don’t know how good you have it these days…

Nice to see those memories from the past. I think I can name some of those “backs” in the first picture: Gilby, Niel Younggren, Andy Cotter, Brian Shields? The guy on the red uni is Tim Bustos. The guy on the right appears to be on a Semcycle, but I can’t figure out who.

The second picture shows Kris Holm riding down the stairs in the subway, and it looks like Nathan Hoover taking a picture.

Third picture: That’s this guy you know. Or now you know…

Fourth one is Gilby again, and looks like Christian Hoverath.

#9: Me and Jacquie, one month after we got married.

#11: Gilby again

#12: Bruce Bundy (Andy Cotter in the foreground)

#14: Bruce again. He and David Poznanter are responsible for adding 3" tires to the unicyclists’ vocabulary. Also I believe Bruce was the guy who worked with Rick Hunter to develop the Hunter frames. And he’s the inventor of the Bundy Grunt! :smiley:

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