Photos from a bench and stairset...

So John and I went riding yesterday and I got some interesting shots (at least I thought so…) and thought I’d share.

John at the top of a stairset

In the middle

On a bench

About to hop off the bench

We were riding around this one area with a couple stairsets and 6 benches and were told by some professor (we thought) “Don’t do that here. If you fell and broke your neck…” Oh well, it was fun for the hour before he showed up.

Comments/criticism always welcome for an aspiring photographer.

Brief set, more soon hopefully.

Sweet shots, man!

My camera has terrible lag on it (cos its cheap) so I hardly ever manage to get this type of photo.



thats pretty good. you should also try to get more of the staircase in the pictures so that you can see what hes doing. just a suggestion. But the pics are really good.

i saw that guy ride one time!! hes not bad…haha
good photos!!

Thanks. Yeah, I wasn’t really aiming to get the stairs in there as much as I was a silhouette of the rider. The stairset wasn’t too exciting, so I figured I’d try to be creative with it.

yeah either way is good. the picture was detailed enough to focus just on the rider.

Nice photos, extremely sharp. What are you using for a camera? I’m assuming that it’s a digital. Does it have the digital shutter lag problem? Great job.

Those are some very good shots! Keep up the good work.:slight_smile:

Nice shots Kyle. How are you liking UMO?

Those are amazing!

Yeah, what’s the deal with digital camera’s being so slow? Our cheap Olympus is terrible for taking action shots.

those are some pretty cool shots! you should enter them here.

those are great. but theres no motion blur and they seem to be taken at exactly the right moment! my camera doesnt do that!

Thanks for all the feedback guys! I shoot with a DSLR (canon digital rebel XT). It does 3fps, which seems like a lot, but in the world of action is not at all. As far as lag, it seems to only go as slow as my finger! It’s all about timing, and the more you do it, the more refined your timing gets.


Seamus- school is great, I’ve been doing a TON of climbing and less uni, but it’s all fun.

A few more.

A couple more from the day…

In the midst of a 7 stair

Almost making contact



Nice we’ll have to ride again sometime when your not too busy

wheres the riding at???

really cool action pics :slight_smile:

we’re riding in front of one of the halls at the University of Maine and on the Mall.