Photos and weekly ride.

Bend, Oregon is turning into a unicycle mecca.
Meet my the wooden footbridge in Drake park at 6pm on Wednesday’s to ride.
Go to and search for mountain unicycle to see some info about this summer’s riding. They have a great 15 minute video clip from Oregon Field Guide available if you want to see what is was we were doing this past summer.

Also, take a peek at to see some new frames fresh from Bend. The specs on the frames are on the “frames” page, with other info on the “news” page, and the f.a.q. page.

We want to meet more unicyclists! If you are coming out West, or are already here drop us a line so we can meet to ride.


I don’t seem to find the video, could you please help me?


The video is only available if you contact OPB directly and ask for a copy. I don’t know if there is a price, or what it is.