photo-shoped pic

Well I think it looks pretty good… you guys tell me what you think…

looks cool, but whats the idea behind it?

none rlly :thinking: I was bored… and thought I should try to make something nice… so I thought what could be nice and I thought that would look nice… no idea really… well actually yea Im using it for my msn diaply pic… but yea haha…

cool cool. what tools did you use?

I used photoshop… but I cant rlly tell u witch tools cauz I dont rlly remember :thinking: :astonished: sry man

lol, and i think its “photoshopped” i could be wrong tho

nah ur probly right… haha

it would look even better on a shirt


I love the sticker on the helmet :roll_eyes:


i love photoshop… here is a pic i photoshoped.

Unispin1 copy.jpg

that is sweet, what exactly did you do though?

if u drew that up by hand, that’s super cooL!
and if u didn’t it still looks pretty cool
what kinda pedals are those? lol

walmart pedals… painted 1 side pink (the one with no pins)

Well Im thinking of having more fnu with photoshop… anyone has an idea of what I should do this time ?

adpat movie pic to have a uni theme (but dont take star wars im chopping those pics

if u have a newer version you can make some sweet GIFs like this… PS i love photoshop…

but they look better if you put more time into it i just did this one quickly…


what version is photo shop is that then I have 7 i fink

i have version 8 but it is called version CS… it is pritty cool

how do you make gifs like that? please tell irvinegr

well to make this one i just opened my video file in Adobe ImageReady CS… then you can delete frames that you dont want and stuff… i just figured it out on my self, so if u can figure it out ur self and if u want to ask more question just pm me and i will give more detail on what ur proplem is…