Okay. This is not photoshop tennis. Just make a funny pic and post it in here.
Okay! Go!

oops. this was meant to go in jc. sorry.

haha okay good start.

get a mod to move it to jc unless it is only for riding pics.

okay. edit. only riding pics or move to jc. Mod.

what did you use to select just the frame?

That frame looks sooo hot!

cool glad you guys like it. and i used the creat and edit paths mode then selection from path.

UniDudeDX - I assum you use Adobe Photoshop

Start a tread called “Coolest Unicycle” But it has to be a stock photo.


y not just keep it here? we have soo many threads that are filled with stuff that could just be in others.

i think this is a cool thread but if it stays in rsu it should def only be riding/uni shots.

Sweet, and, no. I use GIMP. Cause I’m a PIMP. I’m a poet and didn’t know it. I can drop a rhyme anytime. ha I’m good.

no little man, you’re boring as a plank of wood.
You cant rhyme like the brothas from the hood

Sweet, I say. Cause you neva see me rock it out everyday.
As you will learn, I am firm. and tight with the brothas from the hood.


well ya

okay. fixed.

Damn, that looks nice, now change the rim tape to that red aswell.

this was done in PS3 but it isn’t photoshoped in the normal sence

Really nice.