Photo session at the Olympic Stadium

My friend just got a NEW SUPER DUPER digital camera and we went at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal to shoot some crappy pictures. For the blind people, I’m telling you that there is 3 pages.

I put all of them in my gallery:click here !

Tell me what you think about it and I’ll still love you.


hey those r really sweet. how high was that drop?

I think that those are pictures.

:steals Julien’s love and runs away to Japan:

haha. i wrote in first so i think that i get the love. haha

the gaps looks sweet. the drop was crazy and the photography was good. The stair jump is always cool to see with that effect. What uni do you ride? My guess is the kh trials.

Nice shots! I especially liked the first one, as it shows where you are, and also the scale of the place, and the one with multiple images of you on the stairs.

Nice pictures. Take more every time you ride and post them so we can see. I really enjoy looking at unicycling pictures.

Really nice pics Julien!
I’m using the drop pic as the background on my computer now :slight_smile:


It’s nice you told the blind people there are three pages. As I’m sure they had no problem buying the computer. Coming to this website and then finding the link to that page full of things they can’t enjoy.
The pictures are pretty sweet though.

A D50??? you’ve got a lucky friend!

Sweet pictures. I really like when people spend time to take good pictures. How big was the gap?


Hey Julien!

For the ones who wants to know the hight of the drop, I took these pictures, and it was exactly 8 feet hight! it was just freaking hight!

i was there too…

the gap was 7’ long !!! :astonished:

nice pics bellerive…and Julien too !

Sweet pictures man, you should get some people together and join us on our Ottawa rides, Or even come alone and join us, but the more the merrier!

Thanks a lot guys for the comments… these pictures are like a preview of my video that is comming in late october or november

yea its a KH 05 trial with the new kh fusion gel seat, a luna trial and with a KH rim that will soon die…

Oh and ntappin I would love to come to ottawa for a ride with you guys… I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks again

Wild pictures!