Photo of unicyclist in 18 Hour Race

Just stumbled onto this picture :

Unicyclist in 18 hour race in Virginia.
Not sure if this is the official race name.

Anyone know who this is?


I think it is Frank Brown from Richmond VA.

He appears to have not changed his outfit since qualifying for Ride the Lobster.


That would be Frank, his name on the board is hell-on-wheel. He was also on Team Venture for Ride The Lobster.

I believe he was asked to go out front and set the pace for the start of the race, but I am pretty sure he didn’t compete in it.

Yep, that’s me. I had searched for that pic a while back and couldn’t find it, so thanks. James is correct that I did not compete, but merely paced the first 1/4 mile stretch. The organizer would’ve let me compete and even offered to waive the $60 registration fee, but I already had plans that evening. I’m hoping next year I can get a team together (James?) and do it for real.

Great pic huh?

Yeah, I’ll be up for it, especially if we wouldn’t have to pay a registration fee. We could probably get a 2-4 person team together and have a blast.

Come on up to Fountainhead soon, the weather has been nice and cool, and the fallen leaves add to the difficulty of the trail.

Way to make a bunch of bike racers look like they can’t keep up with a unicycle! :slight_smile: