photo of disc brake on Coker please!

Hey gang,
After a bad UPD during MUni, I realized I need brake on my Coker badly.
My localbikeshop owner would like to see a photo of Coker w/ disc brakes cause he thinks it can’t be done. I know I’ve seen a photo of this somewhere here. After searching for an hour, I can’t find it. Can someone direct me who and where the photo is? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Steve Howard made a Coker with a custom hub and a disk brake. It’s in this gallery.

Clearances get pretty tight if the legs of the frame angle out like an A frame /\ The more vertical the fork legs are the more clearance you’ll have for the disk itself and the calipers.

GOT IT! and after only 10 minutes of mad google skillz!

EDIT: oh darn. beat me to it. nuts. well, i’ll keep that link there in case it’s different. EDIT#2.which it isnt.

Good find and good effort, but still 5 minutes slower than John_Childs, the “Human Google”.

still working on them… but i still have them!
and yes. i admit that john childs is the the human google. he should put that in his signature. I’ll beat you yet john… i’ll beat you yet:D

Doesn’t everyone have Steve Howard’s gallery address memorized?
One click from that address and you’re at the disk brake gallery.