Phone call request

I received a phone call tonight from someone who wanted some information about unicycles. I’m not sure where he got my name and number from, but our town isn’t that big, so it wouldn’t be that hard.

So he is coming round tomorrow to see what it is all about.

I learnt on a 20" Unicycle, and was of the impression that this was the best size, do you all agree?

He was looking at a 26" Pashley in our local bike shop, but I said he should think about a starter 20" from UDC first.

I’ll let you know how we get on.


Yes, I think he should start with a 20 inch wheel. I did. My freind started on a 16 inch but he definetly likes a 20 inch more.

I think 6’ and under 20" is good
6’ and over- 24


Well I’m about 5’9" or so, maybe a tad less, and I learned on a 24". Though a 20" would probably be the easiest route.

yeah i agree 20" is the best… even tho i learned on a 24"… but if he wants to learn u should teach him to start by doing a freemount then ride instead of learing against a wall… cuz this way u get a better feel…

I am 6’3" and learned on a 24 torker. I wish I would have learned on a 26. If the person is tall, I would say 24 or even 26.


I would say it all depends on what he can afford, if he can afford the pashley I would strongly suggest that he goes with that.

Two of my friends learned on 24’s and it wasn’t very hard for them, two more inchs shouldn’t be very hard. Also if he isn’t gonna need or particularly want a 20" then it’s pointless for him to own one.

Anyways hopefully this helps.

I don’t think a Pashley makes any sense in today’s world. The tire on the 26" Pashley MUni is quite bad for unicycling, and the frame is heavy and won’t fit either a real MUni tire or a real road tire. It was nice 10 years ago, but it hasn’t been updated since then.

I would go for a 20" only if it were an extremely short person (under 5’ tall), or if his interest is in freestyle tricks or street/trials unicycling. For most other uses, a 24" (probably the Torker LX) is a better choice, because it will still be usable after the learning period. (A 24" is a better choice for getting around town, or for doing MUni, for example).

i’m 6’4 and i learned on a 24. anything 26 and under should be fine. i think a small wheel would be slightly easier.

Agree/confirm here.
I learned at 24" myself, and teached many at 24". So by experience I can say that taller poeple better learn at 24.

Speaking from my own long-ago experience, wheel size is far less important than the quality of the unicycle. I learned on a 16" P.O.S. with a hard plastic tire, huge Q-factor and tricycle pedals. I would have learned at least three times as fast on a 26" Pashley, I’m sure of it.

That said, survey data from this newsgroup suggests that a 20" wheel is marginally easier to learn on, but this does not mean one must buy one if one doesn’t plan to need it. Definitely start with the wheel size you plan to use; you can always buy more unicycles down the road. :slight_smile:

Adults learn faster on a 20" than on a 24", see . But if someone only wants to buy one unicycle (or just thinks so, hehe!), pick the right size for what they want to do once they can ride.

He came round today, and seems keen to buy a 20" uni.

Thanks for your help.