Phoenix riders??

Are there any unicycling groups or anyone in the Phoenix area who rides? I’ve known how to ride for a long time now, but I haven’t advanced for reasons beyond my control. I’m hoping to change that. I’m down for any kind of riding.

I’m moving to Tempe for work in a couple weeks and don’t know anyone.



What kind of riding are you in to? I know there are a lot of really good MUni riders in the area. I’m MUni as well, mediocre at best. Lots of great places to ride here.

Both MUni and touring are my greatest interests. I’m from Cleveland, so MUni was never really an option.

I normally ride somewhere on South Mountain every Saturday morning around 9 or 10:00am. Some weekday afternoons also. I tend to do the relatively easier trails right now. Mostly just like to rack up miles while looking for little technical areas where I can learn and try to build some skills. Let me know when you’re in town and we can meet up for a ride.
I think a lot of the local riders are gearing up for the Southwest MUni Fest in Moab, Utah on March 17-19th. Here’s a link in case you’re interested:

Should be a lot of fun.
Also check out the Arizona Unicycle Cluub:

Great bunch of people. Very talented riders. They host some informal type events a few times throughout the year.
I don’t think you’ll ever get board here. Plenty of great places to ride and plenty of great people to ride with.
Like I said, let me know when you’re here and we can hit a trail or two.

I was going to ask about South Mountain, but you answered my question. May I ask what size wheel you use for Muni? I have a junkie 20" MUni and it throws me off because I’m weak and it won’t roll over much. If need be, I’ll just get a new one.

My work schedule is odd because I mainly work in NV, but when I’m in AZ it’s whatever hours I want. I’m excited to hit a trail with you.

Welcome to the southwest! If you’re down toward Tucson and want to ride, send me a message.

24 and 26 sizes handle most of the trails down here pretty well. I also like a 29 for less techy stuff.

I’ve got a 24 and 26 for sale over on the trading post that I could prb deliver to Phoenix sometime for no shipping if you’re interested.

I’ve got a 24 and a 26 that I can let you try if you want to try out some wheel sizes. They should be pretty similar to the ones Casey is selling.

An all-too-common misconception. Don’t let the “M” mislead you. Do you see people riding mountain bikes around Cleveland? Tons. One of the original pioneers of Muni didn’t like that name for it, since it wasn’t about mountains. He called it (before Muni was generally agreed upon) Rough Terrain Unicycling. And he made a video by the same name, which was the original offroad unicycling tutorial and inspirational video. His name is George Peck.

One of the other pioneers of Muni learned to ride, and ride on dirt, in the Detroit suburbs. Muni comes from there just as much as it comes from mountainous places. BTW that guy’s name is John Foss.

Some people do amazing things with 20" wheels on trails, but they are still lousy at rolling over bumps compared to larger wheels. The smaller wheels are better for attacking difficult trail features, but not as much for getting from A to B. I would definitely recommend a bigger wheel; 24, 26, 27.5 or 29", doesn’t matter as much for Cleveland-ish terrain.

In the event that you don’t sell the 26", Casey, I would be interested. I have a 26" commuter junker here in Cleveland and I really like the size. I don’t care to be a face-busting bada$$, more of a capable “rough terrain” rider with a range of skills. Trails are much more fun than commuting from A to B on roads.

Thanks for the note, John.

And I hope it doesn’t matter, but my name is Beth in case you were thinking Bill or Brad…

Bill, Brad, Barb, Beth…it’s all the same when you’re a bada$$ on a unicycle. And according to all the hikers, bikers and equestrians I’ve run into, anyone riding a unicycle on the trail is a real bada$$, with or without all the face-busting.:smiley:
That being said, Tempe is a great place to end up. There’s at least 4 good trail systems within a short drive. Also a long cycle path (paved) that follows a green belt past parks and lakes from Tempe Town Lake to somewhere north in Scottsdale. There’s a little something for everyone around here. Just don’t forget your hydration pack.
My name is Loren, BTW and I look forward to trying to keep up with you.


Anyone still riding in Phoenix in 2018? Or anyone know of others who do? Started two months ago as a new years revolution lol and now wondering…what else is there. Thanks!

Welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling.
Beth and I are still out there as well as many others. We ride at least 3 time per week. Usually Muni at South Mountain. We’re also working with a newbie that started about a month ago.
How’s it going for you so far?

It’s going great man, I’m pretty good at roads, trails, and going a mile without stopping at this point. Still working on mounting without support and idling. Email me at zachingale@gmail I’m up for tagging along, at least finding a few others that unicycle. Thanks!