Phoenix Morning News - Unicycling Segment

This was coincidental! Early last week I had been thinking about traveling to AZ to ride MUni at South Mountain, and then a few days later, on Friday, a reporter from Fox 10, Phoenix, contacted me and asked if they could do an interview for their morning news.

Since I’m in the Los Angeles area, we did the interview on Skype, and it was my first time using a webcam, lol! I had to buy an external webcam since the one built into my laptop didn’t work.

The segment aired this morning:


Great interview and great PR for the sport!

Nice news segment, congrats! Good exposure for unicycling.

Nice job Terry!

Thanks kayakzz. I’m happy to help get the word out for our sport! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Well done Terry ! :slight_smile: