phily trials meat

go to phily on sunday to ride trials bikes and unis


i dont understand

i will we are doing it at the place we rode muni, they have some kick ass rocks down at the bottom, they have everything there.

i wana ride in the city

He is referring to the typo in your post’s title as it says “trials meat” rather than “trials meet”.

I’ll see if i can make it… saturday would be better. My mom would be more likely to drive me up there i i rode with youz on sundayand saturday. I someone wants to do that, it would be way rad

Can I (and my mom possibly) sleep at someone’s house?

If you are going… maybe I can driveto your place then you can take me from there? I pay gas?

i have work at 5:30 on saterday so if we do it befor that i down and i take the train from my house sry

I don’t have a house sorry.

naw comeon its soooo much better where I live. They have so many rocks, and like benches, and walls, and some steps. Also they have some trailssss.

How about we do this another weekend… This is really short notice. I’d like to come, but it looks like I cant go cuz of the short notice.

im going wether you do or not

derf… Just next time you get a group toghether, maybe send me a PM early, cuz I want to ride with you guys.