Philly UNIcyclers?

If anyone here is a unicycler and lives in philly just reply to this thread and also reply and tell me how to do a Wheelie on my unicycle.!

unicyclIST, not -er, -IST!! sorry. pet peeve of mine. hehe.

a wheel on a unicycle is, technically, not doable. when someone asks you to do one, you can either say, ‘I am’ or do just a little bunny hop.

hmm i see i still wanna know if there are any unicyclISTs that post on here from Philadelphia

there’s quite a few. check it HERE.

i am from philly, as is my whole squad. SWAT. also i heard that you know me. what is your name?

My names danny wats urs

I am officially moving to Philly sometime in July. Is there some grueling application process to get into SWAT? What if I started another unicycle gang in the area? Could we have turf wars? That could be really awesome and ridiculous.

Hey what part of Philly are you moving to. When you come stop by the Philadelphia Jugglers Club. Its the last bulding on kelly drive its called Lloyd hall. It meats mondays 7:30-10:00 and its free for anyone to go.

It’s hilarious that I have never gone to that with Nick. He goes every week and I just…don’t. No idea why. I even learned to juggle recently.

Cool. You aren’t the guy from Maine who visited before (but who we never got to ride with :frowning: ) are you?

Where in the city are you moving? Let us know. My screen name is the same as my forum name.

The only way to get in SWAT is to be unfathomably awesome. There is no single test. Riding with us a lot will help though, as will being a good unicyclist.

Yep, same dude.
I’m not sure where we’re moving to. Media maybe? No idea.

I think my awesomeness speaks for itself in my last video. to check it out. It’s called bike rack of doom.

Thats pretty cool. I can’t get into SWAT though cuz i am not great. I can ride the unicycle, i can free mount and do one bunny hop but thats it. But i plan on practicing a lot this summer

than your perfict for unicyclepa we all suck check us out at


unicyclepa lives less then 30mins out side of philly

maybe i will come around where excctly is it located.

I do not live in philly nor does Nick or Jim and come to think of it Kevin doesnt most the time either. :o haha we live close though.

Media is cool. I go to church in the theater there. Its like 20 minutes away from the Delaware County area SWAT (Nick and Jim V and me).

lansdale pa is where most of us live map quest it you should defantly ride with us like how old are you and stuf

Me. Back. Next Sunday.


I love Media. It’s such a nice little town and Smedley Park is near by and they have some good trails.

Hey. I am sort of the lone soldier of philly I guess. I live near the unipa guys, have ridden with the swat guys, call bethlehem my home turf and am sort of riding somewhere different all the time, but usually alone. There is a crew slowly picking up speed up at lehigh’s campus. Great guys, super motivated, and improving quickly.