philly uni meeting?

Anyone in the Philedalphia want to meet at love park for a unicycle meeting? im thinking november 19th email me

I might be able to do it if it was the 18th…

im down just say when

Ill seee. I might not make it.

I’m all for it, I’ll let my non-forums-using friends know about it. I might be doing something else that weekend, but even if I can’t come (which is unlikely) I can at least drum up some interest. Keep me posted,

How about the 25th? That way everyone will be home for thanksgiving.

Oh and, I’m all for meeting at love park, but if your foot so much as touches any part of the uni while there, you will probably get swarmed by 30 or so armed park ranger dudes. They do not play games when it comes to love park.

I would try to make it down if there’s something happening. I could probably bring one or two other riders as well.

so is this going to happen. how about this sunday or saterday

sorry guys i have plans for that week. I hope you guys can still get around to it and tell me how it was

Can we not do it on the 25th? Maybe the weekend before or after? I would love to come, but I am going to be in Richmond for a Uni Weekend!:smiley:

aney day is good just tell me when

someone else take over i can’t go but just go on the 25th since everyone will be home for thanksgiving. unless you’re afraid of the cold