philly uni meet

i think us phily unicyclists nead to get togather aghan. im thinking like a down town phily ride. Is aney one else intrested

I’m from North Jersey but depending on the date and time I may be interested.

anytime any day

Bah… I’d come down like Obie and I planned, but there’s not enough time left in my summer.


what about setember 3rd

Sounds great…but where!!!

i dont know where is good to ride in the city

Uhm you would probably have to talk to shadowuni or obie, but penn campus is good, also I live right near some really good trails (Valley Green) if you were in the mood for Muni.

How about some time this week…

Yeah sometime this week or this week-end would be best for me.

yah this week end would be better

so obie where shoud we have it


ok this saterday the 20th in phily around 1? whos in

Me but “around philly” isn’t exact enough where are we meeting?

I can’t go, I’ll be in South Carolina.

i dont know the cith well so you or obie pick a place

I’m not around either.