Philly Ride (that means you to NJ/NY riders)

Philly trials ride on sunday the 19. come

Location? (other than somewhere in Philly) :stuck_out_tongue:

university of penn



ya sure I’ll come

ok sweet thats 2 of us


i really really want to but ill be on vacation and probably couldn’t get my parents to take time from vaca to bring me :angry: … sorry that i can’t:( … if i could drive i would SO be there

Hey Neal

Glad to see your back in the saddle.
I would make the trip but, I already booked a show that day.
Say hey to mom and I hope to get the chance to bounce around Philly some time.

Ahollow you in?

I am in. Probably can count on Nick and Joe, too.

I’m on vacation that weekend. Otherwise I’d be there. Next time…


mabey we should change the date what do you guys think ?

sounds good to me

I think everybody should tell us when they’re available.

as for me. it would be. this saturday or sunday or the weekend after next

What time and where excatly.

12:00 at i dont know where. obie help me out. and who all is going

Well if we are riding at Penn Campus, I would say 38th and Spruce is a good central location where people should be able to find parking. So thats:

38th and Spruce Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104

I’m a local so if you want directions or anything PM me and I’ll help you out and give you my number. I’ll talk to Nick and Joe tonight, but Penn is less than a mile away so I see no reason why they wouldn’t come.

So it looks like we aren’t on for tomorrow? Judging from the lack of activity in this thread that is. I’m still up for it so PM or call me if we are going.