Philly muni? travel q's

Hey, Philly riders. I’ll be in Philly this weekend, and would love to meet up with some local mountain unicyclists for a quickie, or even just to say hello. Maybe you can also help me decide whether it would be worthwhile to bring my own muni along…

Thanks a bunch!

Eyal Aharoni
Santa Barbara Mountain Unicycle Club

Hey Eyal,
As I said in my e-mail, I don’t think the Muni scene in Philly is anywhere near as strong as it in in CA. I haven’t ridden any Muni around here to speak of. Obviously you’re going to have to travel outside of the city, probably north a bit.

Some of the other Philly riders would probably be more qualified to show you around for some local Muni. I don’t have much for spare unis, but I think some of the guys around UPenn might.

We want him back in a form close to one piece. You break him, you buy him!

You might want to try contacting Bevan or Ben Plotkin-Swing directly; I don’t think they read the forums much. If they’re not on spring break.