Philly coker race and trials demo

On June 10 During the Philly triple crown of cycling. There will also be a trials demo and a coker race. Your all invited but i need an idea of how many people are coming and soon thanks

“Coker race.” Do you know anything more about it? Distance? Non-Cokers allowed? Prizes? Entry fees? Oddly enough, these are the things people should be expected to know before showing up for a race… :stuck_out_tongue:

all the details are up to me (us) so i was hoping for some input from the people that will be going

If you leave it up to them, you’ll have no entry fee, prizes for everyone, and extra prizes for those who juggle or run dogs alongside them for the whole race.

But as for distance, how about a 10K?

Ill be there, but no coker race for me, just trials.

well there will be no entry fee but i dont think there will be aney prizes eather
and i was thinking like 10 k also