Philadelphia Unicylists

I’m from Hatboro about an hour north of Philly (The main street of my town actually leads right to Broad Street)

Did some searching and the last post I found about Pennsylvania unicyclists was in '09 and last group I heard about was S.W.A.T.
No idea if they’re around any more, as I’ve tried to contact them from their website in every way I could think.

Anyways. Represent, Philly (and outlying suburb) riders!
I need some people to ride with some time. It gets lonely =(

You can always come see us in NYC. The New York Unicycle Club meets every first Sunday and third Saturday of the month at General Grant’s Tomb (the huge plaza in front of the mausoleum - not in it.) It starts at 1:30pm and goes on until everyone goes home.

Hmm… I don’t know when I’ll be in NYC next. I used to go up there every year for Thanksgiving, but those relatives have since moved.

But I’ll definitely keep you all in mind next time I happen by NY