Philadelphia Unicyclists

Hey everybody,

I am having a 9 hour layover at the airport in Philadelphia on Wednesday (Aug 22nd).

Do you know if there is an easy way to get into the city by public transportation? What should I go and see? If you want to join me, you are very welcome too. I am in Philadelphia from 6am to 4pm.


im near philly. are you gona ride there?

probably not, my uni will be taken apart in my suitcase. plus, it might be too early in the morning to motivate anybody else to ride.

do you know anything about public transportation to the city (and back?)

Check out the Transportation section of Phia Airport online:

There are cabs (expensive) and trains available. Just make sure to allow plenty of time to get back for your flight!

Good luck with your visit.

thanks. i’ll try to go to the city and tell you how it went, once i am in germany (hopefully).


take the Septa train to Market East; short walk to Liberty Bell and Historic Philadelphia area, Chinatown or Reading Terminal for lunch.

Schedule for train:

Hey there,

even though I hadn’t read the last post, that basicly was waht I did. I liked the area around the U of Arts very much, too. The city is very nice in general.

Thanks to all of you and best wishes, now from Frankfurt, Germany.