Phil Sanders

Guess who was in the newspaper today?

Go Phiiiiiiiiil!!!

Very nice.

No such thing as coasting on a unicycle? :roll_eyes:

Yeah, Phil even has a 30 foot coaster trophy in his sig. Journalists are noobs. :slight_smile:

Ahaha… Phil’s last name is sanders.

Never new that.

Good job dude!

Who is Phil Sanders?

I’m pretty sure it’s Phil_on_uni’s real name.

Well in the sense they are probably talking about, yes.

Coasting on a bike takes almost no skill, easier than pedaling over rough terrain.

Comparative skill to coasting on a uni, on a bike I guess would be something like coasting on just the front wheel, w/o modulating w/ the brakes.

I like how they describe it as “doing a mountain”…

Woohooah! Saw this before, and read the article in Phils car while driving to a spot to ride, but still sweet.

It makes me laugh.

To clear up the no coasting, he was talking about muni. Realistically there is no coasting in muni. Technically you can coast, but its not going to work well, and in a situation where someone is able to coast, then I doubt that they are riding muni.