Pheonix Unicyclists!

Hey everyone, i’ll be in Pheonix this weekend if anyone wants to ride. Send me an email at the address in my sig.

Be careful Miles! Phoenix is now the Kidnapping Capital of the U.S.A., and ranks number two in the world! It’s scary yeah, but people need to know and be extra mindful of their surroundings, and shouldn’t go to outlying areas alone!

Exactly. 'Cause your chances are about 0.01% of being kidnapped. So you should really spend your entire stay in Phoenix hiding underneath your bed.

Oh wait. Never mind. Terry just got trolled by the “liberal fear-mongering media”. For shame!

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Do any of you know who ran the az muni weekend? I didn’t have a chance to. Go to it but that’s why I’m thinking that there has to be someone here. Anyone?

Chris Labonte was the main organizer.