Phat Saturday in the Colorado High Country

The Colorado High Country has been getting hammered the last couple of weeks with snow. Even though the (powder):slight_smile: skiing has been excellent, it’s still fun to uni some. Snow piles are getting deeper, so my son and I had some laughs today playing in the deep snow. Here are a couple of pics from our father/son drop session. I usually leave this stuff for the young people, but I could’nt resist. The drops are not big, but still get the heart pumping. Happy Holidays from winter wonderland!

pic 2, son

In that second pic, whoever it is is gonna die, it looks like to me. Their foot is under the pedal! Crazy!

Looks decently big to me. How big was the snowbank at the bottom?

No, I think thats just snow in front of his foot…

Did you acctually ride away from those drifts? Everytime I try to do that, I get stuck big time…

We tried to ride away, but really, the fun part was getting buried in the 4 foot deep snow.

It does look like his foot it under the pedal. No pedal bite, or other injury from that.

BTW, the snow keeps falling!:slight_smile:

‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas*’

  • Christmas/“Holiday”

I’m bummin’

Man, after a near record snow year in the Arizona high country last year, we haven’t had squat this year. I’m so jealous. Looks like you’re havin’ a ton of fun though.:slight_smile: