Petty Unicycle Company, Arvada Colorado?

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I am the the proud owner of a Petty unicycle that I bought for $32.50 in Jan 1961. I went with my father to Mr. Petty’s home to get my unicycle. There were about 80 boys in the Arvada area, that rode Petty unicyles then that made up the " Mile High Unicycle Club". It was sponsored by Officer Ed McCarthy of the Arvada Police Dept. The flat seat has held up 50 years now and it has taken many falls, but it is like new. The whole unicyle was built strong and made to last. I still ride mine and the only thing I have had to replace in 50 years is tires, and pedals. How many unicycles made today will still be riding in 50 years?

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Great story.
Any pics?

More importantly, how many unicyclists today will still be riding in 50 years…or even at 50? :slight_smile:

My three kids all ride unicycles and do so through Foster elementary school located in Arvada, Colorado. They have a big unicycle/circus arts program at Foster. They ride many Denver area parades and often have 20 or more kids riding. I know of no other unicycle club as big in the Denver area. Coincidence?

I’ve had a unicycle for over tens years- all I’ve had to replace is the tyres, pedals…cranks…the spokes, rim, hub and seatpost clamp :slight_smile:

Oh…and the saddle as well…

I wasn’t aware Foster has a unicycle club. Do you know if they need people to help teach kids? I would love to help get more kids rollin on one wheel!
I suppose I could just contact the school, but if you have contact info for someone involved with the club that you can message me that would be awesome!