Petty Unicycle Company, Arvada Colorado?

Does anyone know anything about the Petty Unicycle Company, in Arvada Colorado? This would have been in the early 1970’s. Here’s an ad I still have from them - you’ve gotta like the seat (“rubber”!!) and the price ($37.50 - but you pay railway charges on delivery! What gets delivered by rail nowadays?!)
I know there was a post from a unicyclist from Arvada just recently - any connection?


OK, OK…maybe this time I’ll manage to attach the image…!

Never heard of 'em. Can’t tell from the pictures if they were doing the actual manufacturing, assembling from parts, or just reselling a generic unicycle. It looks like a local job though.

And at that price, you could have paid for it out of your “petty” cash!

i can be the most popular one in the neighborhood?
What propaganda!
Anyway, i find it funny that they are called “petty” unicycles, it’s probably an appropriate name. :wink:

crazy, i live in arvada and somehow i havent heard of em…maybe they i still around, i will look them up in the phone book later…crazy


Wow, that seat is… uh… flat!

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robbie, don’t you know that flat seats are all the rage these days. That contoured stuff is for amateurs, because the pros all use the hip, new, flat seat!!!

qoutes from users:

 "The [B]flat seat[/B] rocks!  the whole thing is a handle.  seat out front and seat out back have never been easier!"  -Unicyclist from MO

 "I previously used a contoured saddle, but now that I've tried the [B]new flat seat[/B], I'm convinced that it's the way to go for all of my riding- distance, MUni, freestyle, and even on my giraffe!  Thanks, Petty Unicycles"  -Unicyclist from CO

 "The [B]flat, rubber seat[/B] makes all of my tricks easier to do, especially those tricky suicide mounts.  I am a believer in [B]flat seat technology![/B]  It's awesome!"  -Unicyclist from NC

To order the new flat seat, simply call 1-800-CROTCH-SORES

actual results may vary. comments are based on user prefrence. company not responsible for sores, welts, rashes, inability to reproduce, or irate wives.

this has been satire. you may now return to your reguarly scheduled programming

Are you still interested in knowing about the Petty Unicycle? My dad made them back in the 50’s when we lived in Wichita. They were the first commercial unicycle made in the US and he advertised in Boy’s Life. When Schwinn started making them, he couldn’t compete. Dad kept about 5 in the garage at all times for anyone in the neighborhood that wanted to ride. We moved to Arvada in 1961 and he made them for a few more years. The seats were made to bounce (so they wouldn’'t get destroyed) and shaped so that they could be ridden both ways (no front or back). My dad helped my brother build a tall unicycle and rode it in Grand Junction CO and was in the Guiness Book of Records for a minute before someone rode a taller one. My brother (pictured on the flyer) used unicycles for delivering papers and he always had tall ones to ride around on. Linda

Interesting bit of trivia.

No offense, but I would have changed the name of the unicycle. Maybee middle name or initials, if he wanted to keep it as his name.

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Thank you Linda. That is excellent information. Thanks for the details!

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Do you and your brother still ride?

fun for 7-70?? sorry harper, go get a bike

Cool Bump, thanks for chiming in Petty!!

Is this your brother??

We found your tall unicycle in Grand Junction…check out this thread and how the bike shop saved it from the trash pile:

Tell us more about the giant giraffe, You may wish to go see it displayed and talk with the owners of the shop, I’m sure they would love to talk with you!!

As a unicyclist from Colorado it is interestng to learn some of the history!!

I know. He’s had that avatar, I think, since I discovered this site (two years ago), and I was thinking it’s been there a lot longer.

I did a little research and it turns out this is the guy who founded the company!:stuck_out_tongue: Looks familiar, but I just can’t place him!

tom petty.jpeg

Perhaps his name is Tom.

THanks for the history. I wonder why more people have not tried to design a seat so there is no front/back.

cause then you might be riding your uni backwards on accident and unscrew the pedals and mess up your crank threads. also, the front of what you sit on is very different from the back. so saddles are designed so that the part for the back is comfortable for the back and the part for the front is comfortable for the front.