petrol pogo sticks and other garage ornaments

I want one of those pogo sticks - did they do a nitrous oxide model?

Wayne van Wijk

The only reason a boy grows up, leaves school and gets a job is so that he can
afford to buy the really cool toys!

> From: Mike Payne <> To: Steve Dressler
> <>; Subject: Re: Uni for 7 yr
> old Date: Sunday, July 12, 1998 1:03 PM
> Pogo Sticks! Ha, Just got me to reminiscing. How many of you guys remember the
> gasoline powered pogo stick? Quite a concept as I remember. The pogo was
> connected to the piston. When you jumped you had compression, it fired and
> gave you a much higher jump. It came out sometime in the mid 60’s. Rather
> short lived and dangerous as I remember. Think I’ll stick with my uni, Mike