Peter's Unicycling Progress

Bekah’s brother, Peter, (12) recently learned to ride bekah’s little unicycle, so we filmed a video each day for 6 days about his progress :D. Please watch, like, comment and subscribe to see more videos from our YouTube channel, Aflat Tyre. :wink: We hope you enjoy it!

Nice and cute video.
I shared the link with my girlfriend who is learning unicycling, 4th session, able to ride 50 meters when holding my hand with her right hand while I walk by her side, and about 2 pedal spins without any help.
Learning at 40+ takes longer than when you are pretty much younger, but I’m happy with her progress.
It took me about 20 hours, alone with a muni24, I wish I had someone to help me getting the forward/backward balance before I start pedaling by myself, it greatly accelerates the process I think.

keep going on!

Great progress!

I think I might be noticing that your daughter’s left shoulder may be getting lower than her right one, due to all that spotting. :smiley:

Keep up the good work guys, It’s always nice to have someone to ride with.

Great video on several levels: It demonstrates how perseverance pays off; it shows how difficult it is getting started; it shows how beginner unicyclists often need someone “to lean on”, literally and figuratively; and it shows how, after a lot of hard work, things can start to “click” (I’m referring to day 6).

Thanks! Our Dad learnt when he was 39 and it took him about 3 months! :0

Agreed. Nice work Peter!