Peter Van Boekhout smashes world long jump record

The first day of the NZ Uni weekend was a roaring success and one of the highlights was Pete VB setting a new world long jump record.

He jumped a massive 2.80m under standard competition conditions (using the two stick measurement method).

Several people captured it on video so hopefully after the weekend someone will post the footage.

For those who know the NZ riders:

High jump
1st Pete VB (90cm)
2nd Danny Peters (85cm)
3rd= Joe Dyson (80cm)
3rd= Nick Petrinko (80cm)

Long jump
1st Pete VB (2.80m)
2nd = Nick Shaw (2.30m)
2nd = Joe Dyson (2.30m)

Cool bananas Pete!!!

That’s totally mint aye? :wink:


Crazy, thats 9.19 feet.

Yeah, really great!

About the high jump: didn’t Ryan Atkins jump 107 cm? Or is it a different kind of jump?

That wasn’t official. But it was also SIF into a ledge.

Officially, it has to be done up and over a bar, and he was able to get 90cm, just under a meter.

wow, pete your crazy.
you need to make a video like now.


That’s fantastic, congratulations Peter! It’s really nice knowing that the world’s best long jumper is such a nice and humble guy…don’t ever change that.


Na, Ryan Atkins jumped 98cm over the bar at unicon 13. Anyway pretty close to a meter.

See the list of records here:

Did I enter the information from Pete and the competition correctly?

Ride On

Pfff. Of course he’s good, but what’s interesting is the neck and neck battles for third and second place. Now those would make good movies.

Seriously though good job.

Wow that’s amazing Pete :slight_smile:

Well done!

Pictures? VIDEO??

Was it over an actual gap or on flat?


Ah, okay, I didn’t understand that part at first.

I would like to clarify. Reading this thread makes no sence due to the incoherent nature of the replies.
Ryan Atkins holds the world record for HIGH JUMP.
Pete van Boekout holds the currect work record for LONG JUMP.

And, My name is Nick Petrenko jeez get it right Peter.
Meh, More tequila and particular more H

Then why does it say Pete VB is first in high jump(90cm), when Ryan Atkins did 98? I’m confused.

ooohhh cmon ivan !

peter VB finished first during the high jump of the NZ uni week end

Mr.Atkins hold the world record of high jumping

Ahhhhhhhh! Now I get it. Thanks, man!

Never thought I’d need to be explained such simple things by a stupid teenager. Hmm.

Quess it was you this time :wink: