Peter Rosendahl

I found this on YouTube today from a circus festival.

Great find.

I enjoyed watching it! =p

th ecommentator talks him up wayyyyyyy to much.

i mean sure he has got the awesomest skills, bun nobody can get up on a 3 wheeler uni? come on.

Look at this one, also a swedish unicyclist. Malte Knapp
Funny how simular they are.

A real man would be riding a two-weeled giraffe. Three wheelers are for pansies.

Americans and entertainers from other countries can make $$$ in Japan! They LOVE American entertainers though! I had a choice to go there for a month and peform my ventriloquist show, or fly to NY to do a cell phone commercial; I chose the latter. My agent (at the time) thought it was better to get exposure on US TV, vs a gig overseas, even though it paid more and all expenses would have been paid. Still might do a stint in Japan in the future!:smiley:

i so want one of those mini unicycles

He has other vids on his website.

i wonder wat it’d look like doin a unispin on that bent giraffe or the tiny wheeled uni.