Peter Rosendahl riding the smallest unicycle.

Found this in pic of the day:

Is it just me or does he look like he has alot of guy FRIENDS.

I still must have somewhere a video of his appearance in the tv show called “WOW!”
Though I’m affraid my sister ripped my tape for recording her collection of “FRIENDS” episodes.

It does from that picture, but that would not be the Peter Rosendahl some of us remember from the 80s. Quite the opposite in fact…

I wonder about the shaved armpit thing. He’s a professional performer, and I wonder if it has something to do with not offending people in various cultures, such as in Asia? Certainly not in many European countries.

According to his web site and the article posted in the “Unicycling Articles” thread, he’s married with three children, and he probably lives in Germany.

In 1990 or so Peter broke the 100m Guinness speed record I had set in 1987. This was done as a promotional event for the Wet & Wild water park (slides & things) in Las Vegas. On many trips there I always looked forward to a time when we would be there during the right time of year, with a chance to go in and check that place out. Alas, on our recent visit we saw the place overgrown with weeds, and in the process of being dismantled. No more Wet & Wild :frowning:

Here is a glimpse of the place, as seen from the Stratosphere tower. You can easily make out the empty wave pool, behind the Sahara:

he heh…shaved pits.

Oh dear! That’s even worse than gay marriage. I did’nt knew they allow that in Germany.

Missed that thread. I was off line most the weekend and this list moves to fast.

Leo, what is thatt a pic of in your avatar?


<—Shaves his legs


that’s a wheel-clamp you get in many countries for not paying (car) parking-fees.
The say that that mars explorer (which the NASA lost contact with) got one to.

I very sometimes shave my chest, when I do a lot of hand-ww with ‘stomic’ on seat. If I don’t… my chest will look worse than the surface on mars (including it’s color), and hurt me a lot.

sweds rocks!


I shouldn’t be saying this but my dad shaves his breasts. I have no idea why.

OMG that was so funny.

When its on a guy its called a CHEST not a breast, and yeah I shave my chest too, the ladys love it, hairy 70’s man is out, smooth contemporary man is in, but shaved pits, and tight leather jacket is just too much.

cyberpunk shaves his breasts

Did you actually get one on your unicycle for not paying some fee’s? Or is it just photoshopped?

Whatch it LAN solo, I run knoppix.

“All your networks are belong to me.”
“And highly sophisticated Linux hacking tools.”

Neither. The clamp must have been ripped from a car, and now is an bike-lock in front of an exclusive boutique in Amsterdam. There I just made this picture, I think in 2003. It was in the gallery of funny pictures.