Perth unicyclists

Hi James,

It’s Nic from the jugglign club here. Sorry about the rather public reply
but you didn’t leave a personal email (wasn’t that feature going to be
fixed on the unicycling web posting thing?) if you’re around in Perth for
a while we should get together for a ride. That goes for any other Perth
unicyclists around.

Nic phone: 9364 7489

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, jimmytrialsrider wrote:

> Im in perth, my girlfriend and i ride trials unicycles, as well as
> trials bikes, there are also about 10 people in perht who rider uni’s
> that i know of around here!
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no worries

will do, were building up trials unis this week, ill give you a ring as soon as theyre ready. My ph num is 0417700996, my emails