Perspicacity and wit of the GBP

I was out amongst the Great British Public today, and to my not inconsiderable disappointment they seem not to have imroved since last week.

A tip. When you are riding around a lake and someone says to his child, ‘Look at that silly man. He’s a silly man, isn’t he?’, do NOT repond, 'Maybe, but he’s not deaf :angry: ’ until you have fully considered the possibility that he too may be going round the lake, but in the opposite direction, and will be looking out for you.

Then there was the lady with four children, leading them onto the ice on the edge of the lake. Children ranging from about 4 to about 10, with one adult, and all holding hands. If the ice had broken (as seemed likely) then she would have pulled them all in. And she also pointed me out as ‘A silly man.’

And there was the old bloke who was hiking, and clearly had no liking for mountain bikers, but could see the funny side. His comment was, ‘Well, it causes less damage, I suppose. About 50% less, I’d say.’

And the lady who commented, ‘Naaaaa aaaaa aaaah! Do you know you’ve lost your other wheeel? Naaa yaaaaaaa nnaaa!’ then turned to her friend and said, ‘How does he do that?’
Her friend replied, ‘It’s what you call determination. The unicycle’s got nothing to do with it.’ (I think that was well meant, given that I was slithering up a muddy slope at the time on a skinny 28 inch wheel.)

Re: Perspicacity and wit of the GBP

Ah, yes… I’ve encountered this a few times going round the York walls. After forcing a laugh from each person saying “you’ve lost a wheel!” you just know you’re going to have to do it again in half an hour’s time…

“You’ve still not found your wheel, then!”

<pushes pedestrian off twenty foot wall>



And I thought you Brits reserved your venom for us Americans!


Raphael Lasar


Sorry! I forgot to mention lots of the people walking around the walls were American tourists*… :slight_smile:


  • although, to be honest, it is usually old Brits who make the bad jokes… the Americans tend to just take pictures…

Re: Re: PHEW!

Tourist are the worst freakin’ people in the world. I can’t stand them… Every time I take a special trip to Yellowstone or somewhere, there they are… messing up my view and getting in the way everytime I try to take a picture of something! The same thing happened to me at the Eiffel Tower in Paris a few years back. :wink: