personal glide record

new personal glide speed record going fast enough to get like speed wobble i also set a personal distance record

That’s almost as fast as that time I ate fast enough to give me hiccups.

Congrats, though. Feels nice, don’t it?

I cant go that fast yet but I want to find a pretty big hill and just go far

yea it does

I was getting about 20 feet yesterday, it was my second day of consistent gliding though.

Right now I spend too much energy on slowing down and correcting my upper body balancing. I’m hoping to cut down on that hard pressing on the tire.

once you get to a good speed its way easier to balance

Pete VB and Joe Dyson from NZ glide fast
Joe Dyson takes his pedals off and uses a bigger wheel (i think he’s used a 29er) when he goes fast.
I was driving the car infront (whist pete marchant filmed out of the boot) and i clocked pete VB at just over 30km/h

SOunds like your getting up some prety decent speed, try getting someone to clock you with a car


sound like fun but if i slip and my uni hits the car that would suck

it’s better than the alternative, car in the back and when you screw up you get run over.

yea that would suck but if i didnt die my dad would kill me for hitting his brand new truck.
EDit:for hitting the truck not getting blood on his tires