Personal best Still Stand records

Hey everyone,

Just curious, whats your personal best stillstand record?


Never really practised or timed mine, probably 8 seconds. Whats yours?


“Probably” doesn’t cut it. It’s impossible to estimate your own still stand time. Time tends to go by really quickly for the person doing the still stand and they’ll almost always greatly overestimate how long they held the still stand. If you’re counting seconds in your head or just estimating based on feeling then you’re going to be way off. Not a useful number.

For this thread to have any value we’ll need somewhat accurate times. That means watching the second hand on a wall clock, using a stopwatch, or having someone else time you.

Otherwise this thread will be just a bunch of wishful boasting by people thinking they can hold a 10+ second still stand when they can’t.



Yes well said John, I got an 11 second one on film and I swear it felt like it was at least 20 seconds. :slight_smile: I really can’t go much further than that and my average would be MUCH shorter. But I am going to practise them because I think 5 minute stillstands are such an impressive and fun thing to be able to do.


I can estimate mine b/c I am far from boastful… :stuck_out_tongue:

about 3 whole seconds!! :smiley:

A few months ago I had one that felt like 25-30, but Im confident it was around 15 seconds or so. I was actually on an uphill skinny, which suprised me.

Yikes! I just re-read my post. I didn’t mean for it to sound so harsh. It wasn’t meant to single you out. I just wanted to make the general statement that it’s impossible to accurately estimate your own still stand time.

I did one that felt like 30 seconds, but my mom was timing me on my stopwatch and she said it was only 18.4 seconds. I 've had a few like that. It was done on the thin edge of a 2x4. I don’t know if this counts, but I once did a stillstand that5 had to be over 30 seconds, probably more like 45. I was stillstanding on a rock with my wheel braced against a rock so that it took extra preassure on the back pedal to make the wheel go backwards. It seems as if making it so you can bias your weight to one pedal makes stillstanding much easier. So: my record stillstand is about 30 seconds with the rock, but probably you won’t accept that since the bump made it easier, so my official record is 18.4 seconds. I wittnessed Kris Holm do a 3:21 stillstand at Moab 2004. That’s not even his record, too.

check this recent topic.

I timed myself once and got 4 seconds I think, but this was when I had only been riding for a while… so I should be able to go longer now… maybe. I might start trying to do them a bit, as they’ll most likely help with seat drops which I so desperately want to do but can’t do at all.

It’s interesting how you will often do your best stillstands when you need to.


It’s not even that I needed it, more that I was riding up the skinny, and decided to see how long I could stillstand. But I do agree with your point.

surprisingly i’ve never tried doing still stands while standing up on the pedals, its just always felt more comfy to be sitting down. at the virginia get-together earlier in summer i did one for maybe 30 seconds? perhaps the people that were there can give a better estimate since they were watching. for all i know, it coulda been 15 or 45. cyberbellum or anyone else that went, could u give the thread an estimate?


I was practicing today and i timed myself with a stopwatch…I got 22 seconds…i was still standing on one of my gapping bars (2x4 on its side.


probably five seconds or less

I’ve done over thirty seconds, my friends were watching, but I don’t know any exact time.

I’m standing still right now, and have been doing so for at least 30 seconds although it seems like longer. I ordinarily prefer to sit while I type, so the added challenge of the standing still seems to amplify the amount of time. I’ll verify it tomorrow by going back and typing these words over again and seeing how long it took.

2.34 seconds exactly.

Richam Almacera Still Stand Media


Any of you can post a pic or the a part of the video of Richam Almacera, the guy who sill stand for 15 min? :thinking:

By the way… There are japan videos of the freestyle competition of the the 2002 and 2003 but… where are the ones of the 2004??
I have seen some UNICON 2004 videos at the yoggi`s gallery but nothing else… :frowning: