Personal Best DST (no feet touching ground)

Yesterday I got on the 29er in my garage and rode 8.4 miles to my mom’s garage without letting my feet touch the ground. And without hanging on to anything to rest… I know this is easy for you maniacs to beat. But its my personal best.

This is (suburban) city driving, so plenty of streets, some big multi-laners, to cross and several stop lights. I got lucky on one stop light and sailed through, but had to idle on some of the others.

Usually, to give the twins a break, I’ll hop off and walk a minute. Not this ride. I’d slow down and stand while pedalling. Weird at first, but then manageable for a minute or so. The twins were gratefull. :smiley: :smiley:

I thought ahead, chose a rideable route. Adjusted, adapted. There were two almost UPDs. One: some jerk kid honked that “freak you out” honk right next to me (@ 1 mile from destination) and I wobbled. #2: the bump at the bottom of mom’s driveway. (Crashing there definately would’ve made me cry).

Uni: 29er/125s

What’s the the equitable furthest y’all have ridden. I expect to hear from the Coker Brigade too. But to be fair, the Coker equivalent to my ride should be 11 or 12 (suburban) city miles. (?) (Our mathmaticians will correct me here please.) I can idle a Coker, but it takes ALL of my concentration. So even 5-6 miles through the city on a Coker is amazing. And on a 20" or 24", maybe around 7 or 8. But idling is so much easier on the little wheels, I’d be more impressed with the 29 or Coker negotiating the city. I know of some folks who’ve gone on extended country rides of 100s of miles. But we’re talking city here. Stuff in your way. Curbs. Traffic. Traffic lights. And not official races where the race staff is holding back traffic.

You don’t need all the qualifying criteria. 8.4 miles of urban riding with no dismounts (UP or otherwise) is a good ride by anyone’s standard - on any unicycle. I know I’d be pleased if I’d done it. My furthest on the Coker with no dismounts is 12.44 miles, with no significant obstacles.

If you want to make a comparison, I’d say that total distances are easier on a Coker than a 28/29, but urban or other complex routes are easier on the smaller wheel. Then what counts as a city? Leicester is flatter than, say, Rome.

I used to coker 6 miles each way to work without getting off. There were about 3 or 4 places you might have to idle, but usually I timed it so you didn’t (you can see the lights from a bit back).

Cokering in cities is probably harder for the same distance because it’s so much harder to idle. You do go faster though.

I’ve cokered from my house in Balham far enough out of London for there to be fields without getting off, probably about 15 miles or so. I wouldn’t recommend it though, usually I’ll stop at least every 10 miles for a bit of a break.