Performance Bike Sale

If you have been needing anything from Performance Bike they have lots of things on Sale with take an additional 17% off until 3:00 PM 3/18. Online and phone sales only.

They also have 20% outlet clothing.

Read reviews. Quality at Performance Bike is hit on many things.

My favorite bike shorts came from them.

I’m grabbing some bib shorts that I have been eyeballing that get really good reviews.

Sweet thanks, just ordered a bike saddle to replace my torn one.

Also, what is the deal with bib shorts? I just got a free cycling outfit from my company (bib shorts + jersey), and the bib shorts seem…interesting, not sure the appeal vs standard bike shorts.

I’ve never worn a bib before but with the bit-of-a belly I’ve gotten I’m constantly pulling up my cycle shorts. The one’s i’m looking at get great reviews. One guy said after trying them that even if he had six-pack abs he would still wear these. I’m real happy with my current pair of performance bike shorts (my favorite out of three pair) so i thought I would give Bibs a try.

Its the Elite Bib II I’m trying. Normally I’d check my local store but I don’t want to miss the St Pats day discount. Or worse have them run out in Lrg (already out of small)

Another reason I grabbed these is with Performance the follow-on model is not as good (or even sucks).

They came out to $47 dollars for $74 bibs. I can live with that and if I don’t like them Performance has very liberal return policy.

Here’s the link for anybody who want to check them out:


You should give bibs a try sometime. I do a lot of road riding on my bicycle - 5K miles every year for the past few years - and only ride in bibs. They are way more comfortable than shorts. A couple of the guys I ride with that are heavier like the fact that bibs stay where they should.

I’ve had really good luck with Assos & high end Pearl Izumi bibs. They last a lot longer than the lower priced alternatives; plus have a better chamois.


Thanks for the info, I didn’t realize I needed (wanted) anything until I started looking around there. Amongst other things, I also ordered clipless pedals and shoes to try out on my 36er. Haven’t done clipless on the 36er yet, but have on the muni and the 6ft giraffe.

Anyway, I’ll be posting my experiences in the proper thread when I’ve given them a proper trial. I will be wearing my helmet and hillbilly wrist support gloves, knee and shin pads too, just so I’m ready if there is any trouble!

I have the bibs on order.

Rhino, which pedals did you order?

I was looking at these clippless pedals:

I like that they have a large platform so mounting would be easy (they even have a few pins) and then just clip in one either side when ready. Clipping in is supposed to be cake on eggbeater pedals. I’ve only ever used SPD pedal on bikes.

It’s hard to find info on this ‘feature’ but apparently there is a shim you can use to make clicking out even easier. They unclip to both the inside and outside. The ‘Candy’ and ‘Acid’ pedals from Crank Bros look interesting as well. But nothing compares to the platform on the Mallet pedals.

I lot of bikers seem to like the Time-z pedals for a clipless platform pedal.

I look forward to your upcoming review.

clipless pedals

Those pedals you have picked out look like they would work well, with a nice platform.

I ended up ordering the Forte Campus Pedals, on sale for 39.99, plus when you get them with the Shimano SH-MT22 MTB shoes, 69.99, you get an extra 20 bucks off the combo. So I got both for 90 bucks, pretty cheap. I wanted to keep the price down, because I had more stuff to order, and if they don’t work like I would like I’ll put them on my hybrid bike.

I’ll post some pics and/or video after I get them and try them out. If you get those pedals (or others), try and post your review too. There aren’t too many, but there are a few clipless unicyclist believers that have posted their experiences in various threads…

I’ve read those post about clipless pedal when they have come up. It seems like they are not for everybody thats for sure. I’m not to worried about being clipped in because A) I used to ride a road bike with a deep cleats and and a laminated (no stretch) toe clip strap with a button on the end for pulling it tight (old school shoes/clips). Only way out of the clips was releasing the strap. And B) i have quite a few years of martial arts training. But I need a lot more miles on the 29" before I’m ready to give it a try. Not sure I want to try it before I get insurance again. Us old guys break easily when we hit the ground.

and perhaps more importantly $90 pedals +shoes are not in the budget right now. I just happen to come across those pedals last night and thought they made good candidates for clipless uni pedals.