Perfect Trials Uni

OK, imagine this, it be like the totally super tri guper awesomist Trials uni in the world.

KH 20 wheelset with the new style KH cranks
Black SEMPER_UNI frame
Onza Aluminum seatpost
Black KH seat
super nice pedals
Sticky Fingers Trials tire(

ohhhhhh super druelerific

give me some input on the price and what else i could put on it.

Carbon Fibre seat base!

I would prefer the Profile because the KH is heavier.


I think my trials uni is the best ever…mainly because its mine.

Same here. For my awesome, non-custom unicycle.

Who cares how good you are???.. Its all about how good the uni looks! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the KH wheelset, but for the hub and cranks I’d go with profile over the KH.

Dont forget that Cowbell, you cant do trials without a cowbell.

Well he did say perfect instead of great trials unicycle, and he didn’t mention a budget. So I gotta say lots of people will prefer something like the Arrow Racing Trials Wheelset with Profile Hub and Crank Arms. Mainly because lots of people prefer profiles, it’s also the most expensive wheelset of I think. Your probably could go better than that aswell but that would be making a custom trials unciycle with a custom trials wheelset.

That’s the one I’m gonna get though and it looks sweet. Just out of interest, is it possible to find 20 x 3 inch tyres? And if so has anyone tried one on a trials unicycle?

There is not any 20x3 tires out there unless the person had it specially made.


and i dont think any 20" frame is wide enough to a hold a 3".

Has anyone ever used a humongous beefy triple walled rim with their unicycle…its common among BMX. I realize its a lot of weight but I’m just curious. It would definitly add to the bomb proof factor. And it might make it possible to use a 24/3’’ tire…or at least make it more reasonable.