Perfect Saturday morning ride.

I woke up around 7 30 this morning, and as soon as I saw that the temperature was above -20 celcius, I knew it was time for a Muni. I got to the trails around 8 30, and started the hike up the hills. Once at the top, which comes up to a pipeline, i got on the skidoo trails. They were superb!!! Last weekend they were all fluffy and deep, not very friendly for a wheel. But now, they are hard packed, and it’s just like riding on a sidewalk. I rode up the pipeline, and made my way towards the local ski hill. There are awesome single track trails that run parallel to the hill, and they are some fast, with just enough technical areas to keep it interesting. I rode those trails for a couple hours, then headed back towards the pipeline. I rode down it, which is not really steep, but a nice flow. Near the bottom, it gets extremely steep, and you get one last blast of speed before the bottom. After all that, I was feeling a burn, but I went up for one more ride down what Brian MacKenzie calls, the Tim-Buster. A fairly fast hill with a few fun jumps and drops. Always a good end to a ride.

So there it is. Sure is nice to start my weekend with an awesome winter muni ride.

Sounds cool. Did you take the Coker or a 24"? Sorry I missed that one.

I rode the 24. I’ve been tempted to try the Coker in the trails, but I’d like to first get a set of 170 or 175 mm cranks on it. I’m currently riding on 150mm.

I actually rode most of the trails that you rode with us, plus a couple more that are only fun in the winter (accross some ponds and such). It would be great to get you back up for another ride Greg. You been riding much/what’s new?

We had a group of six that did about 12 miles on Cokers last weekend in the rain. Two weekends ago we did a trail ride with about seven riders. The ride for tomorrow is still up in the air.

Awesome. I can’t wait til there is a few other riders in North Bay. group rides are fun now an again. Although, I gotta say, I don’t mind riding alone either.